Steg Engineering has made its name in the manufacturing industry as a reliable and cost effective partner for all general engineering needs. We pride ourselves on our service and our ability to deliver to the deadlines. This service has helped us win and maintain the business of Bluescope Steel over 26 years and to gain many loyal customers throughout Australia.

"Steg Engineering is your go-to place for a complete general engineering service, from fabrication, through machining, to finishing and fitting."

We are constantly improving the machining processes and tooling we use to give our customers a price advantage over their competitors. We have recently proven this by manufacturing some simple parts quicker and even cheaper than the alternative imported part. This was only possible with our winning combination of investment in our skilled tradespeople and the most modern machines. Our downloadable brochure shows our capabilities and our machine profiles in full.



Steg Engineering has constantly invested in our fleet of large milling machines, including a recently renovated 8m bed CNC Butler-Elga mill, a new 2.6m bed CNC Eumach mill and a new 3mx2m travel 6 Axis CNC horizontal borer. We have added offline CAD/CAM capability to perform the most demanding machining tasks with high quality whilst maintaining cost efficiency. Steg Engineering is known for our capacity to do larger work efficiently and to a deadline.


We offer turning from small to large, and quantities from one-off to hundred-off, including long turning up to ø1.2m diameter by 5.2m long. We have decades of combined experience making and renovating rolls and pulleys for Bluescope Steel, especially shaft and journal repairs, as well as more intricate work for many local and national industries. Our large and small lathes, include the most modern CNC control, can do complex and large jobs in a cost effective way.

Fabrication and Welding

Our fabrication workshop is highly capable of machine component fabrication, light and heavy fabrication, weld repair of rolls, journals and machine faces and hard-facing in various materials. Our equipment includes a Fronius pulse MIG and ESAB welders, as well as an ESAB Sub-Arc welder, TIG welding and Fronius stick welder. We also have a welding lathe capable up to 3m lengths and a linishing lathe for work up to 5m long. Having both fabrication and machining capabilities in-house is a huge benefit since our fabricators are able to not only produce a fabrication, but more importantly a machinable fabrication. This can add up to significant cost savings compared to having an external supplier of fabrications.


Many of our machinist are also expert machine fitters with a wealth of experience fitting complex precision machinery. Our capabilities include: slotting, keyways, splines, bearings, shafts and precision machine assembly.

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